Best Realtor In Philadelphia – How to Find Them

Best Realtor In Philadelphia - How to Find Them

Video Transcript:

What’s up, everybody! I am back here today to talk about the Best Realtor in Philadelphia! Well, you might have googled that to land on this video and we’ll talk about that in a second, but how do you find the best agent anywhere, right? You want to sell your house, you want to buy a house…what should you do to find the best person, the best agent or realtor to work with you to get it done on the terms you want, the price you want, the condition you want, everything – soup to nuts contract, all done, right. What are you gonna do?

So before I get into that, again my name is Doug. I have a company in Philadelphia called Signature Properties. We are a local investor. We help folks get out of their troubled properties all around the city. We give them cash offers in 48 hours. We love Philadelphia. We invest in Philadelphia and we live in Philadelphia, here in Fishtown.

So let me get into this a little bit. I want to talk about how you can actually find the best realtor agent for you.

The first way – that you probably did to get here – was you probably googled this almost exactly (“Best Realtor in Philadelphia“). So that was google, right. You went online you typed in Best Realtor in Philadelphia. Well, the problem with that is people can pay to get at the top of google with their ad, right. Or they can be really savvy with search engine optimization to get all the way at the top. That makes them good at search engine optimization, not being a realtor. And that makes them have money to pay to get the ad at the top, not the best realtor okay. So I’d be super cautious about this…about the five star reviews and everything like that. Just take it for what it is. You can google that and find somebody but I’d be wary of that.

The second place, right, that you’ve probably looked to find the Best Realtor in Philadelphia is you’ve asked your friends or neighbors. So you’ve asked around.

Now why is that tricky? That’s tricky because it’s usually somebody referring who they used. Which, did they do any research? You don’t know. You’re gonna end up with probably an okay agent. Maybe they’re not the best for you, but it’s going to be someone else use them and they want to recommend them because it worked for them. So be wary of that option too.

What I really think you should think about a little bit more is comparing, right. So I’m going to change colors here for a second. You should be interested in what is one agent or realtor going to offer me compared to others. Because at the end of the day it’s not easy to find the best realtor for you. You want somebody who is truly a fiduciary for you in in your transaction. They are somebody who will go to bat for you on price even if they don’t agree on condition. On everything else and they’ll be an expert negotiator on your behalf. What I find a little trickier is that the:

To give you a hint, it’s somebody that really wants to work for you and to get a deal done. [Someone] that you find awesome, seamless and free of hassle. If this feels like a bit of research to find the Best Realtor in Philadelphia, why don’t you sell it to an investor like myself and save six percent on the transaction?

We buy properties in Philadelphia and you don’t have to pay any closing costs. You never come out of pocket and you don’t got to do any research to find the Best Realtor in Philadelphia. If that sounds like that’s something interesting to you and you have a home you’re trying to sell here, why don’t you explore this option? No obligation – we’ll give you an offer in 48 hours! You let us know if you want to move forward or not! We’re very nice people, very personable, easy to work with. Alright thanks for the time everyone!

Doug Greene

Doug Greene is a creative real estate investor, master content curator and evangelist for easier, better and more enjoyable real estate experiences for all. He owns Signature Properties, a Philadelphia real estate company that solves unique problems for homeowners and investors. His work has been featured on Yahoo Finance, AOL, Family Handyman and many more authoritative publications.

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