Foreclosure HELP in Philadelphia | Free Resources & Money to Help

Foreclosure HELP in Philadelphia | Free Resources & Money to Help

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How’s it going everybody?! We are here today to talk about Foreclosure Help in Philadelphia.

You might have googled that to come here or maybe you’ve been searching on the internet all day to find: “Where can I get help with a pending foreclosure, a pre-foreclosure, any part of the foreclosure process in Philadelphia?” Before I get into some of the resources I’m going to share with you today, absolutely free, I just wanted to introduce myself again. My name is Doug. This is my channel, these are my videos. My company operates here in Philadelphia. We’re called Signature Properties. We’re a local investor so we help people as a resource who are in foreclosure in Philadelphia. And we help regular people too with their homes if they want to get rid of them quick, for cash offer, seamless transaction, no hassle and obviously no obligation to use us whatsoever.

The reason I’m bringing up this topic today is because there’s a few different resources that, to my understanding, are free if you live in Philadelphia. If you’re a homeowner in Philadelphia and that’s your primary residence and you fell behind on your payments or you might have lost your job or for whatever reason you’re not current on your mortgage, right, your lender is going to start to foreclose on you. And they could be pretty far along or they could be, you know, just getting started. So you probably have a few questions and you’re looking for help so let me share with you a couple of resources here that I would look into if I was in this situation and I think you should if you are in this situation. The first is called the Foreclosure Prevention Grant Program.

Foreclosure Prevention Grant Program

And this one is most certainly sponsored by the city of Philadelphia. It is on, so legitimacy-wise I would say this is the highest out of all of them. Now there’s going to be certain eligibility requirements to receive this grant which is coming directly from the city around income, around the hardship that exists in this foreclosure, so you’re going to have to meet those requirements and you probably want to think about that a little bit before you apply to make sure that you are eligible and you’re not wasting your time or theirs. And there also has to be a cause in here, around if nothing is done you could become homeless or your family could become homeless as a result of foreclosure. So look into that one. I like that one a lot. The second is

It sounds a lot like my website. It’s just 🙂 This one is not money coming in. I think it’s what it seems to me from my research is more of people helping you on the legal side, because there are going to be a lot of legal proceedings involved in foreclosure. So this is like a community of attorneys and lawyers who provide free assistance, apparently, to help you think about how to structure your workings with your your lender, to rectify the situation, to get current on your mortgage and how to structure your defense as well as part of this process. They also teach you how to negotiate, I believe, with your lender…if you’re looking to do that to get rid of the foreclosure.

The last one is at the state level, Pennsylvania Homeowners Assistance Fund (

So what’s great about this is, I think very similar to this one (Foreclosure Prevention Grant Program) except this first one’s at the city level in Philadelphia, so this has a $30,000 cap. I think they also have an $8,000 cap on helping with utilities as well if you’re behind on those. Again, they’re gonna have some income requirements. These two (FPGP + PAHAF), so you can’t make more than a certain amount to be eligible to use them. What other notes do I have here, yeah, so up to 24 months they’ll support you. So however long this process ends up taking, how far behind are you going to get on your mortgage while you’re in foreclosure.

Alright, so that’s it! That’s Foreclosure Help in Philadelphia! These are great free resources that I’m sharing with you today absolutely free. Feel free to go out there and ask about them. Go to their websites. If you are in foreclosure and you’re looking for a better way, you don’t want to go and rely on others or the government to help you out, you just want to get out of your house…you want to wipe your hands of it be done with it whatsoever: give me a call because my team invests in Philadelphia. We live in Philadelphia! We’re local and we help people get out of foreclosure by giving them a cash offer that works for them to satisfy the lien on their home and on their property.

Okay, so we’re another great option, you know, number four here is working with Signature Properties in Philadelphia. We can help you get the Foreclosure Help in Philly that you need. And if it’s not us buying your property, we can recommend others: lawyers, realtors, etc., whatever path you want to go down.

Alright, I hope this was helpful. These are great free resources if you’re in Philadelphia, and as I said, please feel free to reach out to me at if you’re interested in more information!

Doug Greene

Doug Greene is a creative real estate investor, master content curator and evangelist for easier, better and more enjoyable real estate experiences for all. He owns Signature Properties, a Philadelphia real estate company that solves unique problems for homeowners and investors. His work has been featured on Yahoo Finance, AOL, Family Handyman and many more authoritative publications.

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