Pros and Cons of Selling an Empty House

Pros and Cons of Selling an Empty House

The Pros and Cons of Selling An Empty House

Video Transcript:

Homeowners! Are you wondering what are the pros and cons are of selling an empty house?

You might be asking this question because you’re thinking about listing your house or selling it to someone and you want it to look good when they come to look at it, right. So it’s a very practical question.

It’s one of the things you’re probably wondering what the best approach is: should I move all my stuff out of it first, right, and clean it up and have a clean slate for someone to walk through the house or should I leave everything and organize and clean it and make it feel comfortable and homey to the next person?

Today I’m going to talk about a few different pros and cons of selling an empty house. And I don’t mean necessarily that the house is completely vacant and boarded up – that’s not what I mean by empty here we can save that for another video. This is really just a regular house. It’s in livable condition. It might need a couple repairs, but it’s move-in ready. It’s “turn-key” is the term, right.

So what are the pros and cons of selling an empty house? Let’s start with the first pro, here and I’m just reading off of my list, here: it’s easier to clean.

Pro: It’s Easier to Clean

If the house is empty then that makes sense, right? Clean it once you don’t have to dust off furniture. You don’t have to go around and organize things that may get untidy or something like that. So easier to clean is super! You just do it once. What’s the next pro to selling an empty house, okay. The buyer who walks through your house can picture or visualize!

Pro: Buyers Can Visualize

Alright, they have an empty slate. They picture all of their furniture and stuff. How it’s going to fit in the rooms and how it’s going to look. This is pretty big for those that have a creative mindset. So the pro of having an empty house or selling an empty house, right, is that you can have it set up like that. It’s also easier to show.

Pro: Easy to Show

It’s pretty obvious the house is empty. You’re not living in it. No one’s living in it, right? There are no beds. There’s nothing for you to live, right. And so it’s easier to show. It’s accessible. You’ve already moved the stuff out so when you go to close it’s quick and it’s already done. Okay let’s talk about some of the cons, here, okay. It might feel less welcoming.

Con: Less Welcoming

It’s empty. It’s kind of sterile. There’s nothing in there. How is someone gonna feel when they walk through the house? Maybe they’ll feel cold.

It makes buyers wonder why is the house empty.

Con: Speculation

It makes them wonder.

They’re gonna wonder why did you empty out the house? Why is there not a bunch of stuff in it? Is there something that makes the house unlivable or not turnkey or not move-in ready?

And then the last thing here is it’s an empty house that’s prone to crime.

Con: Crime or Illegal Activity

There’s an empty house on your block or a vacant house on your block that’s listed. I mean that’s just opening up the floodgates to illegal activity or somebody breaking in. No one’s checking on the place and so forth.

So these are the pros and cons of selling an empty house.

You should think about it before you list your house, right. Is it a really nice house – then you probably want to have it staged to some degree and leave your stuff in it and make it look good. At least most of your stuff like the bed and the furniture.

If this is just an investment property, if it’s a rental, if it’s run down, if it needs a total rehab… I would say empty that thing out, right. No one’s going to really care that much about it. They’re going to be looking to purchase it at a discount anyways.

If you’re trying to sell your house and your house is empty or it’s not empty, give my team a call in Philadelphia. We are Signature Properties. The website is My name is Doug and I can help you out!

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