Why Won’t My House Sell In Philadelphia?

You’re trying to sell a house but it just won’t sell?

And yet – the news says: “The market for homes is still red hot!” or “Housing inventory at all time lows!”

The media is practically shouting again about multiple offers, high demand, and record-setting prices. So why won’t my house sell in Philadelphia?

So where’s your contract? Is something wrong with the house?

These tips could be just what you need to help you sell your Philadelphia home.

Why won’t my house sell in Philadelphia? – 6 Tips To Cure It

1) Get good help.

The pandemic boom has generated many new agents and investors into the world of real estate. The reality is that they are still learning the ropes and figuring out how to evaluate properties, finance deals and get stuff done.

They’re getting hit hard with the nuances of loans, deal structure, and valuations. Seriously, chances are good that real estate is your biggest investment – so don’t go and trust just anyone’s advice, especially those who are new to the space. If you want great results, partner with professionals.

2) Don’t make too many improvements.

Too often we see over-improved properties – those where the owners have gone too far. And this could really hamper your progress because improvements are very expensive nowadays. Even with the best of intentions, exceptional craftsmanship and true artistic talent, it’s incredibly challenging to exceed what the market is paying. In addition to that, buyers want to add their own custom touches so it really benefits you to leave them some of the work. Get rid of all the clutter and think “neutral”.

3) Do make necessary improvements.

Major repairs can really scare buyers. If you’re still asking “why won’t my house sell in Philadelphia?” then it’s usually because of major repairs going unchecked.

Show that you’ve been a diligent and responsible homeowner and get all the little details fixed. These are the projects that you would want to leave to the next guy or gal.

Don’t leave gaps in the trim or plates off of the switches. Get it inspected by a professional home inspector, and show off the healthy home report. This goes a long way towards establishing confidence that they’re making a good purchase. It also gives you, the seller, some ammunition during negotiations.

4) Style and design matters.

Curb appeal is as important as the inside so don’t neglect one part of the property to improve the other. This is the first thing prospective buyers will see and judge when then drive up to the home. Give buyers a cohesive impression of great style. Paint the walls, update the landscaping, and most of all – keep it immaculately clean. Have you thought about staging your home? It might be worth a shot.

5) Pricing matters a lot.

If you’re getting a lot of showings but not a lot of offers, you might not be too far off in price. If your best efforts to advertise your property aren’t making the phone ring, you’re probably overpriced. Go back and look at comparable sales. There might be some new data even since you listed your house.

6) Every property will sell – sometime.

So why won’t my house sell in Philadelphia? There’s no magic formula – but there’s no substitute for experience.

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Doug Greene

Doug Greene is a creative real estate investor, master content curator and evangelist for easier, better and more enjoyable real estate experiences for all. He owns Signature Properties, a Philadelphia real estate company that solves unique problems for homeowners and investors. His work has been featured on Yahoo Finance, AOL, Family Handyman and many more authoritative publications.

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