How Long Can I Leave My House Unoccupied?

Video Transcript: How Long Can I Leave My House Unoccupied? That’s a fantastic question! It’s the middle of the summer…you want to go on a vacation…you want to get away…you want to leave your house maybe for more than a week. Or let’s say you have some kind of family event and you need to … Continued

What Is A Code Enforcement Violation?

What Is A Code Enforcement Violation? Video Transcript: What is a code enforcement violation? You’re probably asking this question because you might have gotten a sticky note or a piece of paper under your door that says “You’re in violation!”… “Your property is not safe or it’s not clean enough or you haven’t kept up … Continued

Selling Your Home During a Divorce in Philadelphia

If you’re wondering about all the nuances of selling your home during a divorce in Philadelphia, PA… we’ll dive into the steps and things to keep in mind in the post. With almost half of American marriages ending in divorce, many Philly residents are looking for advice for selling a home during a divorce. A home … Continued

Closing Cost Calculator PA Seller – True Cost of Selling Your Home

Video Transcript: Closing cost calculator Pennsylvania Seller Hey everybody! My name is Doug. I’m a real estate investor in Philadelphia. I run a company called Signature Properties. We help homeowners and sellers in Philadelphia who are in sticky situations and need to get cash, need to get it fast, need to get out from under … Continued