How Does It All Work?

We Offer Fair Prices & Cash For Your House in PA, NJ & DE!

Step One To Sell Your House Fast Tell us about your property by filling in the form below or calling us at (267) 225-6311‪. We want to learn more about your house and you. All of our offers are customized to meet your needs.

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Step Two To Sell Your House Fast Once we have an initial discussion, we will set expectations around timing and next steps. Most of our offers are sent within 24 hours. And there’s never any obligation or pressure!

Step Three To Sell Your House Fast If you accept our offer, we will set a closing date that YOU approve with our reputable local title company. It really is that simple!

Signature Properties Can Help You Regardless

Sell Your House For Cash

What Kind Of Information Do You Need?

By sharing some basic information with us, we can use these details about your home to build the perfect offer for you!

  • Timeline: How quickly do you want to sell?
  • Condition: What’s the current condition of the property?
  • Plans: Why are you selling?
  • Goal: What is a GREAT outcome for you when selling?

These details will help my team and I create the best solution for you. A quick cash offer is just one of our typical recommendations, but it’s not the only one! And we want to be sure you get the best and most for your property.

When Is The Cash Offer Given?

We can give you a “ballpark” number over the phone in our initial discussion, but until we come look at the property in person or review pictures of the current condition, we cannot share an offer.

CAUTION: These companies will give you a wildly inflated number to bring you in and lock the property up in a legally binding contract. They will then use an “inspection report” to come back and ask for a price reduction once they see it. What a waste of time!

This tactic is used more than you would think by multiple buyers in our local market. It gives cash home buyers a bad name, and we can’t stand it!

You don’t waste our time and we won’t waste yours 🙂

Are You Just Going To Send A Lowball Offer?

If we made lowball offers, we would not be where we are today.

It is in our best interest to make you the highest possible cash offer because that is how we will beat our competition!

If we can’t make fair offers, then we can’t buy houses.

Working With Signature Properties To Sell Your House Will Change Your Perspective Forever!

You may never call up a real estate agent again after you see how simple and easy it can be to sell without one!

If the value you have in mind for your home is outside of our offer range, don’t worry! We can discuss options above and beyond the quick cash offer that may be a better fit for you.

We want to help whether it means you work with us or another buyer better suited for your situation.

How Do We Calculate Your Cash Offer?

Because we believe in full transparency and simplified business, here’s the math:

Your Fast Cash Offer in Philadelphia

After-Repair-Value (ARV): This is the value we expect your home to be worth after we come in and renovate it. We come up with this number by looking at recent sales in your neighborhood. These are homes that are finished, repaired and ready to move in to. Think HGTV finished!

The Cost For Us To Buy Your House Cash Philadelphia

“Why do you start by subtracting 30%?”

“What’s the 30% for?”

30% represents all the costs that are NOT labor and material costs:

  • 6% in agents commissions when we resell the property on the backend. No one likes paying this to an agent, even us!
  • 6.5% in transfer taxes that our business will incur by doing this.
  • 7.5% in soft costs. These costs include things like: home insurance, property taxes, city permits, and interest to our partners or lenders.
  • 10% Profit! Yes, that’s the amount we make by doing this whole thing. We think it’s fair. We wouldn’t be a good business if we didn’t account for a profit 🙂

Repair Costs: Simply put, all of the materials, labor and subcontractor fees that we pay to get the job done! We use our connections and volume to minimize this cost and pass those savings directly onto you!

Your Offer: The information above let’s us calculate your cash offer. “ARV minus 30% minus Repair Costs equals Cash Offer”.

Forget The Math – Tell Me How It’s Done

The market value of your home, after we update and renovate it, minus the costs to run our business and pay our contractors.

Here, Check Out This Example!

Sell My House For Cash Philadelphia

Our Quick Cash Offer is strictly based on the numbers. And we’re transparent, so we will show you all of our assumptions. We are not here to waste your time with unrealistic offers or to get into the weeds with inflating numbers. Our offers are based on the best estimate of the cost to turn us a small and reasonable profit…putting food on the table for my family too! We calculate our numbers this way to give you the highest possible offer without any extra fluff.

We want to make sure you will be happy and feel confident when selling your house to us!

But Wait…I Can Get More By Listing With An Agent!

Can you? Let’s take a look. Let’s say we offer you $200K for your house that you own free and clear. This is an as-is, no-cost cash offer. And you might think that you can get $230K if you list with an agent on the MLS. Here’s how that unfolds:

Step One To Sell Your House Fast You take my $200K cash offer and walk away with $200K. That was easy. No waiting, no fees, and no hassle.

Step Two To Sell Your House Fast You list with agent at $230K. You we’re right, it SOLD for $230K, but…

  • You owe 6% to your agent for their commission. This costs you $15K.
  • You split transfer taxes with the buyer. You owe 2.25%. This costs you ~$6K.
  • This process took 6 months. Interest on your loan accrues. This costs you ~$4K.
  • Home inspections revealed the need for new sewer lines and a roof. This costs you $10K.

That’s $30K in fees and costs when totaled, making your $230K offer really look a lot like $200K! Did you notice something else that was different too? On Option 1, the cash offer, you didn’t have to come out of pocket at all and got the deal done in as little as two weeks!

So what would you choose? $200K now or $200K in 6 months from now after all the hassle and headaches?

What Makes Our Offer Better Than Others?

We already know that our offer is way better than listing with a realtor, but what really makes us any different than other cash buyers and investors?

We took a close look at how we operate and do business in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

While we know we are better than other investors in many ways, we want to highlight three things that truly differentiate us:

Sell My House Quickly for Cash Philadelphia

Fair & Honest – This is hard to come by these days. Everyone is looking to make a quick buck these days and it’s typically done at the expense who they are dealing with. At Signature Properties, we pride ourselves on being fair with out offers and honest to you throughout the entire process. If we think you’re best option is to work with someone else, we’re going to let you know that!

Versatile – We’ve talked a lot about our quick cash offer. Who doesn’t like that?! What you might not have heard us expand on is the many other creative options we have for selling your home. If we don’t think the cash offer is viable, we can recommend many other options to get the deal done. This let’s us close more deals and generate more happy customers. Ask us about this and we can walk you through it.

Professional – You can trust us to act professional and respectful when dealing with you and your home. We will treat your house as if it was our own and you as if you were family. We don’t go behind backs and we certainly don’t withhold information. When you work with Signature Properties, expect it to be first-rate. We want you to be happy with the outcome!

Sell Your House Fast For Cash In Philadelphia

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Still have questions? Please visit our frequently asked questions page or give us a call or text to find out more at (267) 225-6311. We are happy to chat with you before you submit your property information. 🙂