What Sells A House The Fastest
[According To 25 Top-Producing Realtors]

Do you know what sells a house the fastest in Pennsylvania?

I do.

But don’t take my word for it.

I asked 25 of the most productive real estate agents the same question.

And boy, did they deliver.

I’m going to share with you the secrets, tips and tricks that make homes sell extremely fast in the Keystone state. 

How did I come up with these tips?

I went right to the source: real estate agents.

Here’s what it took:

  • 12 hours of in-depth phone conversations with some of the saviest realtors in Pennsylvania.
  • 3 and half cups of coffee to keep me alert and focused.
  • 27 pages of notes. I’m old school – pen and paper.
  • 4 reschedules. I actually expected more. Not bad.
  • 6 hours to boil it all down into this comprehensive article.

Why Agents?

Well, I could’ve asked others for their opinion.

Maybe my parents would know.

No, that wouldn’t work. I can already hear it now:

  • a.) “Put an advertisement in the newpaper.”
  • b.) “Post a flyer on the telephone pole.”
what sells a house the fastest pennsylvania

Here’s why agents had all the answers we needed:

Realtors have been selling property in Pennsylvania since 1908.

They’ve seen it all.

Pushy buyers, reluctant sellers and all kinds of unconventional transactions.

Layer in recessions, bubbles, and any other external factor – they’ve been there, they’ve done that!

Real estate agents just flat out know how to sell a house quicker, why a seller might need to sell fast and what’s required to get the house sold in a fraction of the time. Time is money. And they know that!

Knowing all of this makes them subject matter experts.

When it comes to selling a home fast in Pennsylvania, it just runs in their blood.

And all I needed to do was extract that.

what sells a home the fastest pennsylvania

Sorry, I meant the extract the information – not their blood.

By getting in front of these 25 realtors, I was able to unlock the golden ticket to what sells a house the fastest in Pennsylvania.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Some things you just cannot change.
  2. Uncommon results require an uncommon approach.
  3. Every single agent mentioned doing this one thing.
  4. There are 3 steps you can take today sell your house fast.
  5. You’re not alone. There’s always help!

Some of the findings from my study might go against the grain or make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

But remember, I’m laser focused on one thing:


how to sell a home fast at pennsylvania

You’re here because you want to know what you can do to quickly sell your house in Pennsylvania.

And when I say fast, I mean fast.

Not in 6 months.

Not after you fix it all up.

Not after you spend a year showing it to the world.

Quickly. As in “sold” today.

You want to know what it takes to get it done fast. And I want you to know exactly how to get those results.

And since time is not on our side, let me get going on this article and start to break it all down for ya! 

Before we get too far…

You might be wondering if I even know what I’m talking about when it comes to what sells a house the fastest.

Why would you trust me over anyone else on the internet?

Well, for one, I’ve done it. Many times over.

I’ve helped owners sell their homes quickly in a fraction of the time it would have taken them to list it with an agent, receive offers, negotiate, accept, inspect, renegotiate and close.

Because I’ve done so many of these, I’d like to think that I’m quite the expert at home buying and real estate sales for all kinds properties. Many publications trust my expertise and knowledge on this subject.

I’ve been featured on Realtor.com (hereherehere and here), the Washington Post and on Architectural Digest for many years now.

But don’t take my word for it. Trust the dozens of realtors and agents I culled in for perspective and opinion on this matter. They’re the ones who know best.

Okay. You’re ready to trust me now?

Great, let’s jump in.

1. Location, Location, Location

You’ve heard it a hundred times over. Heck, I’ve heard it a thousand times over.

It’s the one thing you cannot change about your house, yet it’s a seriosuly strong influence on how fast a home will sell. Study after study has shown that homes in great locations move quicker on the open market.

But why is that the case?

Location is more than just what block your house sits on.

To many prospective home buyers, location means:

  1. School systems
  2. Nearby amenties
  3. Transportation
  4. Property taxes
  5. Safety

Think of location as everything but the house itself. How ironic, right?

For example, homes in close proximity to strong school programs, sell fast.

According to Realtor.com, 91% of home buyers surveryed mentioned that school boundaries played a critical role in their purchase decision criteria. What’s more? Nearly 20% would give up home size, garages or bedrooms just to land in the right school district!

So imagine this:

You have two homes to sell:

  1. One in an A+ , top-rated school district.
  2. Another in a sub-par, unranked district.

You can probably guess which one will move quicker when going up for sale. Even buyers without kids are likely to step in and bid just knowing that the value of the home is well-protected.

Nearly every realtor we interviewed made some kind of comment around location being a top factor that is highly correlated to what sells a home the fastest.

2. The Type of Home

Not every house is a home. And not every home is a house.

In fact, 42% of homes are zoned for multi-family purposes. You can’t forget about mixed use, commercial and mobile homes too.

My point is that different people are interested in buying different types of properties. Some house buyers only want starter homes, newly renovated properties or new construction houses. Others may only be interested in buying multi-family homes with 4+ units.

It begs the question: What type of home sells the fastest?

The answer lies in whichever type of home has:

  1. The most buyers
  2. The most demand
  3. And the least amount of relative supply

And in our experience, for Pennsylvania homes this is unamimously represented by:

  • Modestly finished and sized single-families
  • 3 – 4 bedroom, 1.5 – 2 bathrooms
  • 1,200 – 1,500 square feet

Within this cohort of homes, there is a broad appeal for buyers due to the following:

  1. Affordability – These homes are cheap enough to appeal to the masses. Many buyers can qualify to purchase which makes the demand stable and strong.
  2. Manageablility – Nobody wants to buy a home that is too big or too small. On the one hand, it’s tough to manage and clean a house that is too large for you and your family. And on the other, nobody likes to feel crammed.
  3. Marketability – These types of homes are the most common. Think of it like currency – you can easily exchange and market the property in the future which drives more demand in the present.
  4. Financability – If that’s even a word! All we mean here is that the home can be collateralized against a loan from a bank or lender. This factor alone props up the demand and desirability of this type of home because now many buyers, investors and owners can come in and purchase with a loan.

Having the right type of home goes a long way in Pennsylvania. Your house sells the fastest when it fits the criteria of the majority of buyers. Any departure from that (i.e., less bedrooms, larger square feet, etc.) and you might have to wait a little bit longer for the home to sell.

3. The Condition & Price

This is where my interviews started to veer off in all directions. Outside of location and type of house, condition and pricing were topics that came up in numerous conversations. But it wasn’t what I expected.

There’s no golden rule around condition or price that will sell your house faster than others – instead it’s more of a balancing act.

What do I mean by that?

The condition of a house needs to match the price that the seller is asking for it. If those two are aligned, a quick sale is doable. If not, properties will sit for months until they find equilibrium.

I’m more of a science than art kind of guy so this one really was hard for me to grasp.

cash house buyer pennsylvania

Agents know that homes come in all kinds of condition:

  1. New construction
  2. Recently remodeled
  3. Dated but livable
  4. Move in ready
  5. Old and disrepaired
  6. Dilipadated

The key concept here is pricing of the house to sell fast. So in this case, a home that is priced at a discount to its condition is what sells the fastest. Anyone can fix condition, unlike location. And if the pricing is discounted enough to reflect that kind of savings, then it’s a deal!

So while balancing may not be your thing…

how can I market my house to sell fast pennsylvania

It is something that influences the quickness with which a house sells in Pennsylvania.

According to one of the premier agents: “Get this right and your house will move quickly to the next buyer!”

Forget The House & Focus On The Buyer Instead

I asked every single agent the same line up of questions.

Everything about the house, the property, the real estate.

In trying to solve the puzzle of selling a house fast in Pennsyvlania, I glossed over a critical component.

The buyer.

I just wasn’t thinking about the buyer at all. Heck, I was only thinking about the seller.

How can I unlock the secret to a fast sale in Pennsylvania…for the seller.

How do you sell a house extremely fast in Pennsylvania…for the seller.

What sells a house the fastest in Pennsyvlania…for the seller.

I totally missed the buyer!

what is the fastest possible house sale pennsylvania

Why does the buyer matter?

Not only do they matter, but they mean everything. The transaction does not happen, quickly or at all, without the buyer.

what is the quickest time you can sell a house

Here’s how the importance of the buyer kept showing up in my interviews:

Every question I asked about speed, selling and houses all kept circling back to finding the right kind of buyer.

You see, what actually sells a house the fastest is selling to a buyer that can buy your house the fastest.

What kind of buyer might that be?

A local cash buyer.

Local cash home buyers are the quickest and surest way to sell a house the fastest in Pennsylvania. They’re the fastest because they buy homes in cash – no banks, no appraisals, no red tape.

What’s more? They also buy homes in “as is” condition. This saves a ton of time. No inspections, no repairs and no cleaning. It also saves the seller a ton of money too.

Compared to a financed buyer who needs bank approval, home repairs and appraisals/inspections – it’s like night and day.

You’re looking at two totally different types of buyers.

Sell your house to a local cash home buyer and you will unlock the secret to what sells a house the fastest in Pennsylvania!

How To Find A Local Cash House Buyer

Before I talk about the options you have to find the right cash buyer, let me just reiterate:

Nothing else matters.

Not location, not house type, condtion or price…if you cannot sell it to a cash buyer.

You could have the best house, in the best location and still not know what sells a house the fastest if you cannot find a cash buyer. All you will experience is financed offers, contingent offers, lengthy negotiations, months of procedural hiccups and so on.

A cash buyer is an absolute requirement to sell a house as fast as humanly possibe in Pennsylvania.

Of the agents I interviewed, many remarked that the time to close on a transaction with a cash buyer is reduced by 55-65%. This is a huge amount of time and a substantial savings to the seller.

Now, how can you find a cash buyer?

Step 1 – Call Agents

You could pick up the phone. Call any of the agents I interviewed. Ask them for a cash buyer. And just like that, you might have one ready to make you an offer.

Or you could just go directly to the source.

Step 2 – Search Online

Open up Google. Search for “local cash home buyer”. Now you have the same results from step 1 without having to pay a commission.

what sells real estate the fastest pa

And on top of that, you sped things up even further by removing another party from the transaction (sorry agents!).

But there’s an even better way…

Step 3 – Look No Further!

Want to make it even easier?

My team and I are local cash buyers in Pennsylvania.

Let us make you a cash offer and close in a matter of days.

No agents. No commissions. No searching online.

Start by filling out the form below:

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FAQ – What Sells A House The Fastest In Pennsylvania

  • Q: What factors influence the speed of selling a house in Pennsylvania?
    • A: Several factors can impact how quickly a house sells in Pennsylvania, including its location, condition, pricing strategy, and the current real estate market conditions. The biggest factor, as well all now know, is selecting the right buyer for your house.
  • Q: Does the location within Pennsylvania matter for a quick home sale?
    • A: Yes, the location plays a crucial role. Proximity to amenities, schools, and safety can influence the speed of a home sale. Desirable neighborhoods may attract more buyers.
  • Q: How important is the pricing strategy when selling a house in Pennsylvania?
    • A: Pricing is key. Homes priced appropriately for the local market tend to sell faster. Overpricing can deter buyers, while underpricing may raise questions.
  • Q: What impact do the current market conditions have on selling a house in Pennsylvania?
    • A: Economic factors, interest rates, and the overall real estate market climate can affect the speed of a home sale. Understanding the current market conditions is crucial for sellers.
  • Q: Are there specific features or amenities that attract buyers in Pennsylvania?
    • A: Yes, features such as well-maintained properties, modern amenities, and energy-efficient upgrades can make a house more appealing to buyers in Pennsylvania.
  • Q: Are there any trends or preferences unique to the Pennsylvania real estate market?
    • A: Understanding local preferences, such as the importance of school proximity or other regional factors, can provide valuable insights into what buyers prioritize in Pennsylvania.
  • Q: Do homes near specific facilities or landmarks sell faster in Pennsylvania?
    • A: The proximity to schools, stadiums, hospitals, or public transportation can influence the speed of a home sale. Analyzing these factors can help sellers tailor their marketing strategies.
  • Q: How can sellers enhance the appeal of their homes in the Pennsylvania market?
    • A: Improving curb appeal, addressing any necessary repairs, and staging the home can enhance its overall appeal and contribute to a faster sale in the Pennsylvania real estate market.
  • Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid when selling a house in Pennsylvania?
    • A: Avoiding overpricing, neglecting property maintenance, and overlooking the importance of finding a local cash buyer are common mistakes sellers should be aware of in Pennsylvania.

The findings and information in this article are focused on Pennsylvania, however, it is applicable in many locations nationwide!

2024 Guide: What Sells A Home The Fastest Pennsylvania

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