Can You Sell A House That Has Mice In Pennsylvania?

Nobody likes selling a house with mice.


Because nobody likes buying a house with mice!

Mice are a nuisance. But they’re more common than you think.

selling a house with mice pennsylvania

Now why would you listen to me on this topic?

Well, not too long ago I was starting the process to sell my own house and with impeccable timing a mouse problem sprouted up in my home.

A mouse here. A mouse there. Empty traps everywhere!

I was distraught. It left me wondering: “can I even sell my house with mice” or am I stuck with these pests forever?

To get to the point:

Yes, you can sell your house with mice living in it. There are certain things you’ll want to be mindful of such as disclosures, exterminators and home inspections. Get these things right and you have a shot at selling your house to the right buyer. Hide the fact that you house has mice and you might end up never getting an offer.

So back to my story.

I had no idea what to do. Do I list the house and risk a mouse scuttering across the floor during a showing? Worse yet, what if the realtor finds mouse droppings in the kitchen or pantry.

I was stressed about it.

That is, until I learned the easy way to sell a house with mice.

I’m going to show you a way to sell your house without worrying about these little, tiny hairy rodents. And if you think it’s not a big deal, then hear this:

85% of homes in Philadelphia have mice.

That’s practically the majority of homes.

So any home that goes up for sale – there’s an 85% chance that mice inhibit the walls, floors, crawl spaces and basements.

And if that wasn’t enough of a problem, the mice seem to keep multiplying all across Pennsylvania.

Are your ready to find out how to selling a house with mice can be accomplished?

Great, let’s jump in!


  • Mice are gross. Not only that, but they carry harmful disease and can create serious hazardous living conditions for residents.
  • If you’ve decided to sell your house but worry that the mice will deter buyer’s from offering, then you’re right! I’ll explain why and how to get around that.
  • There are alternatives to sell your house with mice that don’t involve the traditional approaches.

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What Happens If Your House Is Infested With Mice?

If you’ve discovered unwanted, furry visitors in your Pennsylvania home, you’re not alone.

Dealing with a mouse infestation is a common issue, especially in colder seasons when these critters seek shelter indoors. Now, the big question is, what happens if your house is infested with mice, and what should you do about it?

Firstly, let’s tackle the not-so-pleasant signs of a mouse invasion. Are you finding tiny, pellet-like droppings scattered around?

can i sell a house with mice pennsylvania

That’s a surefire sign that you’ve got some uninvited, four-legged guests roaming around. Mouse droppings, also known as mouse poop, are not just unsightly; they can pose serious health risks, carrying diseases and allergens that can affect you and your family.

One of the common places mice invade is the attic. With its dark corners and often neglected spaces, the attic provides a cozy refuge for rodents seeking warmth and shelter. If you’ve noticed scratching noises or found mouse droppings in your attic, it’s time to take action.

When it comes to mouse-proofing your home, it’s crucial to identify and seal entry points. These can range from tiny cracks in the foundation to gaps around doors and windows. Mice are surprisingly adept at squeezing through the tiniest openings, making it essential to thoroughly inspect and seal potential entry points.

While there are numerous DIY solutions for rodent control, from traps to baits, it’s important to recognize that these methods may provide only temporary relief. Mice are resourceful creatures, and if you don’t address the root cause – the entry points – you might find yourself in a never-ending battle with the rodents.

How Do Mice Get in Your House?

Investing in professional pest control services is often the most effective way to get rid of mice. Experienced pest control professionals can identify entry points, assess the extent of the infestation, and implement targeted solutions to eradicate the problem. They not only focus on eliminating existing mice but also work towards preventing future invasions.

Now, let’s talk about a unique solution to the mouse dilemma that you might not have considered: selling your house.

Yes, you read that right – selling your house might be a more practical option than dealing with the ongoing challenges of mouse control.

Picture this:

A house free from the constant worry of mouse invasions, a fresh start without the stress of rodent-related issues.

Selling your house in Pennsylvania with the mice included could be an attractive option. It provides immediate escape from the ongoing battle with mice but also opens the door to a home that’s truly yours, free from the worries of pest control.

Imagine saying goodbye to the attic, once a haven for rodents, and welcoming a new space where you can live comfortably, without the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the ceiling.

Selling your house provides the opportunity for a clean slate, where you can focus on creating a home without the lingering concern of mice droppings or the need for constant rodent control.

Sounds interesting?

We’ll get into more detail later about how you can sell your house with mice.

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Do You Have To Disclose Mice When Selling A House In PA?

First things first – when preparing to sell your house, you’ll likely encounter an inspection checklist.

This comprehensive list covers various aspects of your property, ensuring potential buyers have a clear understanding of its condition. Now, where do rodents, like mice, fit into this inspection process?

If your home has had a run-in with rodents, particularly a mouse infestation, the topic of disclosure becomes pertinent.

In Pennsylvania, sellers are generally required to disclose material defects or issues that could impact the property’s value or safety. A mouse infestation, complete with rodent droppings or rat poop, undoubtedly falls into this category.

So, the short answer is yes, you likely have to disclose a mouse infestation when selling your house in PA.

Now, the next question might be, how do you go about it?

Follow these three steps once you decided to disclose:

  1. Upon discovering a mouse infestation, consider obtaining a professional inspection to thoroughly assess the extent of the issue.
  2. An inspection report can provide valuable documentation, detailing the presence of rodent droppings, signs of an infestation, and any damage caused.
  3. Armed with this information, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the disclosure process transparently.

While disclosing a mouse infestation might seem daunting, it’s an essential step in maintaining honesty and integrity throughout the selling process. Buyers have the right to know about potential issues that could affect their decision, and transparency can foster trust between both parties.

It’s worth noting that addressing a mouse infestation before listing your property is not only a legal responsibility but also a practical one. Taking proactive steps to remedy the issue, clean up any rodent droppings, and ensure your home is pest-free can enhance your property’s appeal and value.

Do Home Inspectors Check For Mice?

Absolutely they do.

Any home inspector worth his or her weight in the business will be observant around rodent and pest clues within and around the house. This is exactly why you, as the homeowner, need to be proactive and hire your own inspector to evaluate the seriousness of your mouse problem.

Keep your receipts, disclose what you already know and be forthcoming. Anything short of that would be a whole lot of trouble you don’t need before, during and after the sale.

Are you looking for help finding an inspector or pest control specialist? Contact my team and I and we can refer you to who we trust and use.

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Should I Sell My House With Mice In Pennsylvania?

Although this is a personal decision, you may want to.

I sure did.

The minute I realized that mice were invading my personal home, I knew that selling it would be difficult but it would be the only way to remove that problem permanently from my life.

I could not risk the health hazards and safety of myself and my family.

I did decide to sell my house. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I first set out mouse traps to mitigate the overall problem.
  2. While the traps were placed, I started to research my options.
  3. I interviewed:
    • 10 realtors
    • 12 pest control companies
    • 1 professional homebuyer.
  4. Then, I compared the pros/cons and costs of each option.
  5. Ultimately, I sold my home directly to a local cash house buyer.
  6. I no longer have a mouse problem!
selling house mice problem pennsylvania

Now, I get to share with you the options I had to consider when selling a house with mice. There were only two main paths to take…

Options For Selling A House With Mice In Pennsylvania

Of the 10 real estate agents I called to describe my situation, only 5 ever called back.

Man, why can’t people just do their jobs! Don’t they like money?

The five that I got a hold of had very consistent feedback for me:

It would be a nightmare to sell my house with mice.

You see, my house had no other problems with it. It was in good condition and nice overall. But once you introduce mice, that deters many buyers.

All you need is one sign of dead mice, traps or droppings and any buyer would become uninterested.

Out of the 5 realtors, only one offered to list my house for sale.

companies that buy homes pennsylvania

The second option was much easier:

  • I sold my house with mice to a professional home buyer.
  • There was no request to remediate or get rid of the mice.
  • I was able to get an offer in 24 hours. Cash and no contignecies.
  • There were no additional fees or home inspections.

When I brought up the mouse infestation, they told me that was a problem they would resolve after we closed the transaction.

How simple and easy was that?

Do you have a house with mice you are trying to sell? Fill out the form below for a quick cash offer from a local home buyer who is not afriadof tackling a mouse problem!

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Sell My House With Mice – Pennsylvania FAQ

What should I do if I discover mice in my house while trying to sell it in Pennsylvania?

Discovering mice in your house during the home-selling process can be unsettling. The first step is to address the issue promptly. Consider hiring a professional pest control service to conduct a thorough inspection and devise an effective rodent control plan. Document the process and any repairs made to present a transparent picture to potential buyers.

Do I have to disclose a mouse infestation when selling my house in Pennsylvania?

Yes, in Pennsylvania, sellers are generally required to disclose material defects that could affect the property’s value or safety. A mouse infestation, complete with rodent droppings or rat poop, falls under this category. To ensure compliance, consider obtaining a professional inspection report that details the extent of the issue. Full disclosure fosters trust between you and potential buyers and helps avoid legal complications down the line.

Will a mouse infestation affect the value of my house when selling it in PA?

While a mouse infestation may impact the perceived value of your house, addressing the issue promptly and transparently can mitigate potential negative effects. Before listing your property, invest in professional pest control services to eradicate the infestation, repair any damages, and ensure a clean and pest-free environment. Highlighting the steps taken to rectify the situation in your listing can demonstrate your commitment to maintaining the property.

Can I sell my house with a history of mice infestation in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can sell a house with a history of mice infestation in Pennsylvania, but honesty is crucial. Disclose the past infestation in your property listing and provide documentation of the steps taken to address the issue, such as professional inspections, pest control treatments, and repairs. Being transparent about the history allows potential buyers to make informed decisions and reduces the risk of surprises during the transaction.

Are there any specific regulations or laws I need to be aware of when selling a house with mice in Pennsylvania?

Yes, Pennsylvania has disclosure laws that require sellers to reveal material defects, which may include a history of mouse infestation. Familiarize yourself with these laws and consult with a real estate professional or legal expert to ensure compliance. Having a clear understanding of the regulations can help you navigate the selling process smoothly and avoid potential legal issues.

The findings and information in this article are focused on Pennsylvania, however, it is applicable in many locations nationwide!

Best Way To Sell My House With Mice In PA

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