How Can I Sell My Home Full Of Stuff: 6 Pracitcal Options

I could see his breath forming behind a stack of boxes on his front porch when he leaned back in his chair, looked at me and said: “How can I sell my house full of stuff fast”?

I didn’t have an answer.

At least not right then and there.

This homeowner called me to come out and see if I could help him liquidate his property that he owned for over 3 decades.

Driving over, I had some kind of idea how cluttered and hoarded this house could be. But this was extreme.

Years and years of belongings and personal treasures lined the exterior and interior spaces.

And the owner, seeming somewhat defeated and “kicked out” of his own home, couldn’t even bear to look at it.

He was embarassed, afraid and just exhausted from the house being full of stuff.

I knew I needed to help this man.

And I did.

And although I may not be sitting on your front porch in defeat with you right now, I can still help you too if you’re finding yourself in a similar situation.

In this article I will breakdown all of the options available to sell a house full of stuff in Pennsylvania.

This information applies directly to you if:

  • You just inherited a Pennsylvania property that has boxes floor to ceiling.
  • You’ve hoarded belongings and knick knacks your entire life and now want to sell it all.
  • You’re under financial distress. You need to move. The house is cluttered and slowing your progress.
  • You cannot live in your own home any longer. There’s no room and it’s becoming a hazard.
  • You want to help a family member sell their house full of stuff.

Which Option Is Right For Me?

Everyone is different.

What works for you and your house, may not for someone else.

In this article, I’m going to:

  • Show you the least and most expensive options for selling a house full of stuff in PA.
  • How to sell your house full of stuff quickly.
  • Which options present more risk than others.
  • What next steps you can take to sell your house full of stuff fast in Pennsylvania.

Let’s jump in!

1. Do It Yourself

Are you a DIY junkie? Do large, hairy complex projects envigorate you?

If so, you might want to consider tackling this house full of stuff on your own. It’s cheaper than hiring help and it can provide you with the flexibility to progress at your own pace.

So far so good?

Where does this plan fall apart?

I’ve seen many homeowners sign up to cleanout their hoarder homes and 90% of them end up failing.

Don’t be one of them.

how to sell a house full of stuff fast pennsylvania

Here’s how you can make a massive success of selling your house full of stuff all while doing it yourself:

Do Not Overcommitt

Before you sign up. Before you even start bragging to your friends, family and neighbors. Please don’t get ahead of yourself. Start by seeing if this a project you can actually do on your own. Here’s a checklist:

  1. How large is the house?
  2. How many dumpsters will you need?
  3. Are you going to trash it all, sell it all or donate any of it?
  4. How long do you think it will take?
  5. How will you keep yourself motivated, safe and on track to finish?
  6. What is your ultimate goal with selling this house full of stuff in Pennsylvania?

These are great questions because they will help you create realistic goals for selling a house full of stuff on your own.

Use Free Tools

Knowing how to sell a house full of stuff is one thing, but actually doing it is whole other endeavor!

You’re going to need some tools whether you plan to trash it out, sell it all or donate. Here’s how I would approach it.

If you’re planning to sell the stuff, stick to:

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. Craigslist
  3. Garage sales

There are other means to selling, but these three generally draw out the most buyers and least amount of trouble.

If you’re planning to trash the stuff, stick to:

  1. Roll away dumpsters
  2. Junk removal teams
  3. Demolition crews

I know, I know. These all cost money. But how else can you trash the stuff in an effecient and easy manner? Don’t expect to set it out to the curb each week. It will take you years to finally clear out the house and begin the sales process.

If you’re planning to donate the stuff, always find a local donation center. This way, your belongings are going to support the community around you.

Set Goals, Objectives & Schedules

Doing it yourself if a great idea, but often poor plan in execution.

Everyone wants to DIY:

It saves money and time.

It’s an accomplishment.

It all sounds good until the rubber meets the road.

I’ve found that sellers who actually stick to cleaning out their homes and selling them all had the following in common:

  • They set timelines.
  • Adhered to them.
  • Rewarded their progress along the way.
  • And had backup plans if they fell behind.

You’re no different. You can do it yourself, but you’ll need to take it seriously!

2. Hire An Estate Sale Company

Maybe you’ve come to the realization that this project is in fact bigger than you.

And that’s okay!

Many homeowners decide to hire some help in clearing out the clutter.

You can hire an estate sale company to come through and get you going. It’s going to cost some money, but it almost ensures you results.

Selling a house full of stuff is a gargatuan task and if your home is actually full of stuff – then hiring help is a must.

When hiring an estate sale company, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure a smooth and successful process.

Look For Reputation & Results

Begin by assessing the company’s experience, reputation, and customer reviews to gauge their reliability and expertise in handling estate sales. Additionally, inquire about their pricing structure, services offered, and any hidden fees to transparently understand the financial aspects.

What Is Their Plan?

It’s beneficial to discuss the company’s approach to marketing and promoting the sale to attract potential buyers. Are you asking for their help with selling all of the contents of the house or also the hosue itself? You’ll want to have answers to questions like this before you contact them.

Communication is key, so choose a company with clear and effective communication channels to keep you informed throughout the estate sale process.

Pro Tip: Ask questions of the estate sale company and use that information to your advantage.

How so?

  1. Compare pricing and approaches amongst different companies.
  2. See if the approach and process is something you can DIY or incorporate into your DIY strategy.
  3. Find out what resources they use (marketing, outsourcing, etc.).

In my experience, for Pennsylvania homes, estate sales can be useful if you need to absolutely purge a home of its contents:

  • Neglected, older properties with decades of boxes and belongings
  • Hoarder style homes without any organization
  • Larger properties with multiple dwellings (gargages, sheds, barns, basements, attics, etc.)

Estate sales are a great option. Don’t overlook them.

But if you’re on a budget, you might want to ask for help in another way.

3. Friends, Family & Neighbors

I’m always surprised just how many people pop up when you ask for help.

You might be surprised too.

Asking friends, relatives and family members for help and advice might benefit your cause.

Here’s why:

People who know you, care about you. And they know it’s important for you to be able to either sell, donate or trash the belongings before you sell the house.

It’s most common that friends, family and neighbors will give you their time and effort to help with another one of the options (hiring an estate sale company, donating stuff, doing it all yourself, etc.). So while it’s important to know this is an option, think of it as an add-on to another option you may already be working on.

4. Donate To A Good Cause

A lot of sellers who have accumulated years of stuff ultimately decide to donate some or all of it before selling.

I often hear the following reasons why this is a good idea:

  1. Some sellers are getting older and they may not need all of the stuff in their next home.
  2. Many homeowners who need to sell a house full of stuff are doing it to downsize. Donating is a great way to achieve that.
  3. Often times the “stuff” is actually inherited and not something the heirs want to hang onto. Donation help repurpose the goods and materials that the deceased owned.
  4. Donations are for a good cause. You can typically “feel good” about the donation and you might even be able to claim a tax benefit.
  5. If you donate to the right cause, you might get some help in moving the stuff out of the home before it sells.

Donate Strategically

Giving away your stuff may not be the most enticing option, but it’s a good one to have.

And you don’t have to “donate” all of it.

For homeowners who have an absolute ton of junk, wall to wall, it might be a great option to engage a local charity or donation center. Have them ready or on standby so that as the house is cleaned out you can donate directly.

The key concept here is using donations as a tool to help you sell a house full of stuff quicker in Pennsylvania. So in this case, you need to think about what might be reusable to others.

The salvation army has put together an extensive list of households goods, appliances and other items. Check the list, see if any of it could apply and then decide on whether you want to sell, donate or trash the items as you move towards selling the house.

5. Rent Storage Lockers If You Are Not Sure

There are certain cases where homeowners are ready to clean out the house and sell it, but they don’t have answers or plans for all of the stuff.

This can be tricky.

Do you sell it?

Do you trash it?

Do you donate it?

Do you move it to the next house?

Do you just leave it to the buyer?

All great questions here. And if you don’t have answers, don’t worry.

One option is to just keep the items and store them in a storage locker nearby. This prolongs the decision around what to do with the “stuff” in the home but it helps you keep progress and move things along.

There is a cost. Storage lockers can range from $80 – $675 per month in many locations depending on the size of the unit and duration of contract. You will need it for a few months, at a minimum.

If you feel unsure about selling a house full of stuff and just need a backup plan for some of the items, a storage locker could be a great solution.

Storage Locker 101

Before you book it, some things to know:

  1. Stoarge lockers are an added expense. If you’re already hiring help or scheduling dumpsters, just add it to the list.
  2. You need to move the stuff from the house to the locker. Are you going to do this? Do you need help?
  3. Don’t get comfortable! Storage locker costs can add up over time. Out of sight, out of mind.
  4. Check availability. You might have to shop around to find open units at reasonable prices. Always give yourself a few months in advance.

Does it feel like all of this is getting to be a bit too much? So many homeowners give up on selling a house full of stuff because it’s too expensive and too time consuming. Think about all of the work and money needed to coordinate storage lockers, estate sale companies, donation centers, friends, relatives and others. You might be pulling out your hair by now!

If you’re feeling a bit down about it, I have another solution. Let’s go back to the porch and how I ended up helping that seller with his house full of stuff.

6. Sell The House “As Is”

If you’re still wondering: “how can I sell my house full of stuff?” then now is the time to listen up.

There is one option that is very different from all of the others.

With this option, you do not have to worry about:

  1. Repairs
  2. Cleaning
  3. Selling
  4. Donating
  5. Hiring
  6. Moving
  7. Paying

You can just sell the house, full of stuff, “as is”.

Can it really be that easy?

Let me answer that by finishing the story I started in the beginning…

selling a house full of stuff fast pennsylvania

On that cold December night, we stood on the seller’s front porch. There was no where to sit. Boxes and piles everywhere.

After a brief moment of silence, I responded to his question:

Seller: How can I sell my house full of stuff?

Me: You can sell it to me. In it’s current condition. I’ll work with you over the next 30 days to make sure all of the heirlooms and important things make it out of the house before closing. I’ll even pay for a dumpster if you wish to go through everything. The rest of it…I’ll take care of it.

To the seller, this was by far the easiest option to accept.

No work, no cost and no dealyed gratification.

He would get a result quickly that helped him move on from the house.

Why A Cash Buyer Works

Selling your house full of stuff to a cash buyer is seamless. Because there are no other third parties involved in the transaction (lenders, appraisers, etc.) there is very little risk to the seller that the buyer will back out.

Local cash buyers are accustomed to buying homes in all kinds of conditions. So while you may think that your house, being full of stuff and all, is quite the uncommon situation – it actually isn’t to a cash buyer. Cash buyers never ask for your clean it all up or make any repairs either.

How To Sell Your House Full Of Stuff Fast To A Cash Buyer

If you’re in Pennsylvania and need to sell your house full of stuff, then look no further. My team and I are professional cash buyers. We buy houses filled to the brim with boxes and all kinds of stuff.

In addition to buying your home “as is”, we also do not charge any commissions. Since we are not real estate agents, our purchase is direct and that means you save 6% right off the bat!

And on top of that, we also work a lot quicker than agents or realtors.

Come find out why selling to a local cash buyer is your best option for a house full of stuff in Pennsylvania!

Start by filling out the form below:

Sell Your House Fast For Cash In Philadelphia

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FAQ – How To Sell My House Full Of Stuff Fast In Pennsylvania

  1. I have a house full of belongings. How does selling to a local cash buyer simplify the process compared to a traditional listing?
    • Answer: Selling to a local cash buyer is ideal for homes with a lot of stuff. We understand the challenges of decluttering and staging, so we make it easy by buying the property as-is. You won’t need to worry about showcasing your home – we’re interested in the property itself, stuff and all.
  2. Does the condition of the belongings in my house affect the cash offer when selling to a local buyer?
    • Answer: No need to worry about the condition of your belongings. When you sell to us, we evaluate the entire property and make a fair cash offer based on its overall value. This means you can sell your house with all its stuff without the hassle of making repairs or dealing with individual item evaluations, donating, selling, etc.
  3. How quickly can I sell a house full of belongings to a local cash buyer?
    • Answer: Selling to a local cash buyer offers a quick solution, especially if you need to move fast. We can make a cash offer within days and close the deal shortly after. This expedited process allows you to sell your house with all its belongings without the delays associated with traditional listings.
  4. Are there any specific types of belongings that local cash buyers prefer when making an offer?
    • Answer: Local cash buyers are typically interested in the property as a whole, regardless of the type of belongings it contains. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, or personal items, we make an offer based on the overall value of the property. This flexibility allows you to sell your house full of stuff without any restrictions.
  5. How can I ensure a smooth transaction when selling a house with a lot of personal items to a local cash buyer?
    • Answer: Selling to a local cash buyer is designed to be a straightforward process. We handle the details, and there’s no need for extensive preparations. You can sell your house full of belongings without worrying about staging or showcasing – we’re here to make the transaction as simple and stress-free as possible.

The findings and information in this article are focused on Pennsylvania, however, it is applicable in many locations nationwide!

2024 Guide: How To Sell A House Full Of Stuff in PA

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